The Rise of Pulsar HALO

Established in 1974, Pulsar Alarm Systems, Ltd has been widely recognized in the security industry across the nation. After working under former owner and founder Glenn Smith for 7 years, Brian Ireland made the decision to purchase the company from the man who had mentored him to a level of expertise necessary to take on new realms in the world of security.

Prior to Ireland’s acquisition of Pulsar Alarm Systems in 1995, the company had been primarily centralized in the New England area; however, soon after the acquisition, the customer base began to spread outside its original territory and make a national footprint.

In 2005, the company became an affiliate of the National Apartment Association (NAA); then in 2008, Pulsar formally partnered with the Professional Apartment Services (PAS) group, one of the leading national procurement groups for multi-family management companies. These relationships facilitated the ability to consistently acquire multiple national security agreements with renowned management companies, both large and small.

Gaining our title as an elite monitoring company among third-party managed and privately-owned apartment facilities, Pulsar Alarm Systems, Ltd. made the decision to bring focus to the emerging market of “DIY” home automation and security. Upon this decision came the release of Pulsar’s newest and most innovative product — Pulsar HALO — our professional “DIY” solution to the wireless world of smart home security.

Pulsar Halo is a leading home security and automation platform founded in 2018. With Cryptix encryption, HALO is among the first wave of wireless, "DIY" professional alarm systems with 24/7 UL redundant monitoring. Along with security features, it has full smart home capabilities and is compatible with most Z-Wave home automation products. Licensed throughout the United States Pulsar HALO is the first direct sales home automation and security company created with the backing of a national alarm company.

The primary goal of Pulsar HALO, besides providing users with a secure, smart home solution, is to stay true to the integrity of a direct sales business and creating a force to be reckoned with in the smart home security world. And a force to be reckoned with is what’s been created. Currently, Pulsar HALO is the only professional alarm system company in the direct sales market — and it’s only just begun.