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Pulsar HALO has brought "DIY" Automation and Security into the market of Direct Sales through Independent Representatives. Our focus is to have the most well-trained representatives in the security industry, bringing clarity to the "DIY" market of Automation and Security. Pulsar HALO combines traditional, professional Automation and Security with the "DIY" alternative to give affordable access to homes, businesses and the rental market.

As an Independent Representative, you will be part of a company that has been in the Automation and Security market since 1974. Partnered with the best in the industry, from manufacturers and app controllers to the world class, triple-redundant Central Station we call home, Pulsar HALO IRs will have the opportunity to enter the world of Automation and Security with leadership, training materials and a Road Map to Success to assist them in building their independent business.

Pulsar HALO Independent Representatives can create income on sales from the initial purchase of a HALO package (starting at $199) and a la carte orders from our shopping page of secure, smart home equipment, as well as build residual income based off recurring monthly monitoring services. Beyond just typical security, Pulsar HALO offers video, cellular and two-way voice add-ons, along with medical alert monitoring through Reemo Health GPS monitoring. We promise to continue to provide our Independent Representatives with emerging technology advantages over most professional alarm companies.

Congratulations for taking the time to research this opportunity with Pulsar HALO! You are one click away from officially being a Pulsar HALO Independent Representative ready to embark on a journey toward building your personal business. Today is the day that you can not only make a difference in your life, but also a difference in everyone's lives that you touch from here on out. We are excited to welcome you to the Pulsar HALO Family!